Prudent Clothing items, including warehouse items, can be returned within 30 days of delivery, with the following exceptions:

  • Items that Can’t be Returned: If an item can’t be returned, see What to Do If Something Isn’t Working for information about products that can’t be refunded.
  • If you’re not sure whether a Prudent Clothing product has a longer return policy, look for the type of product below. If the product type isn’t mentioned or specifies an additional return period, our standard 30-day return policy applies.
  • Our return policy applies to most merchants, although some sellers’ return policies may differ. If a third-party vendor sells the item, it will be subject to the same return policies as goods fulfilled by Prudent Clothing that are outlined on this page. For more information about returning to third-party sellers,
  • For more details on refunds, see Refunds.
  • If you’ve returned something to us by mistake or included something not intended for Prudent Clothing in return, see Returns.